Kolkata Police Lathicharge as BJP, Left Supporters Face Off

Kolkata Police Lathicharge as BJP, Left Supporters Face Off

Kolkata: Protests against the attack on JNU students rocked parts of West Bengal. Police baton charged supporters of the Left and the BJP when the two sides engaged in a face-off in Kolkata. Earlier in the day, students of Jadavpur University joined the nationwide protests by raising slogans, burning tyres and singing songs against the RSS-affiliated ABVP and BJP government at the centre.

Starting at the JU campus, the rally took a U-turn, proceeded towards the Jadavpur Police Station and proceeded towards the Sulekha More. Eminent personalities such as filmmaker Anik Dutta and music manager Debojyoti Mishra joined the rally.

Beating up of teachers and students by goons and attacking girls’ hostel brought shame. ‘such attacks won’t deter us from continuing our struggle against fascist forces,’ a JU student said. Later in the day, CPI(M) and other Left parties also took out a rally from Jadavpur 8B Bus stand to Sulekha More. The students of Jadavpur University, activists of the SFI and members of other Left outfits took out a rally from 8B Bus Stand to Sulekha More in the evening.

A march was taken from the BJP from Bagha Jatin More to Jadavpur Police Station over the JNU issue and also ransacking of its party office in the area on Sunday night. Both sides came face to face at Sulekha More, leading to a brawl. BJP activists allegedly pelted stones prompting them to burn the flags of the BJP and ABVP.

JNU Violence: Masked, Armed ABVP Members Identified SFI supporters claimed that BJP workers used expletives. To be able to disperse the protesters after repeated efforts police supporters of the Left and the BJP as the two sides engaged in a face off. Police personnel were seen brutally beating up the protesters, including students and girls. Later on, South Suburban Division Deputy Commissioner of Police Sudip Sarkar said the intention of the baton charge wasn’t to beat up the students.

‘Our intention wasn’t to beat up the students. It was due to a confusion that some students were hurt. We wanted to disperse the BJP and ABVP supporters. We’re ready to apologise if any student is hurt,’ Sarkar told reporters.

‘We condemn violence within the JNU campus, which is a cradle of free and liberal thinking. Wish to impose their ideology on us and BJP and the ABVP wish to suppress thought. But we will continue our fight’ a Presidency University student said.

The Congress pupils’ wing burnt effigies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah on College Street. The wing, Trinamool Chatra Parishad of the Trinamool Congress student , also took out rallies in various parts of the state. Rallies were taken out by college and university students throughout the state. Earlier in the day, West Bengal Chief Minister and TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee, termed the attack on teachers and students at Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University as a’fascist surgical strike’ from the BJP. The saffron camp was quick to return fire and requested Banerjee to stop shedding ‘crocodile tears’. The attack triggered protests across the nation on Monday and the clamour grew for the resignation of the vice chancellor, who’s being blamed for inaction during the violence which left 34 people injured.

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Kerala suffered catastrophic floods this year

Kerala suffered catastrophic floods this year

New Delhi: Though Kerala suffered catastrophic floods this year, the nation was left out in the cold by the Centre from its list of states for which Rs 5,908.56 crore in flood aid has been released. While presenting a comprehensive report on the floods as aid, Kerala had raised a need for Rs 2,101 crore in September 2019. But while its claim has been discount, money has been paid to seven nations, including five ruled by BJP due to floods. According to a media report, the states for which the aid was announced include Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Tripura, Karnataka (all-BJP ruled), as also Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

The decision on the aid, according to a home ministry statement, was taken at a meeting. Referring to the demand the report stated it had been that the state wrote to the Centre seeking Rs 2,101 crore in. It had also presented a detailed report. The Centre sent a team to the country to assess the situation.

However, the requirement of the state hasn’t yet been considered and no explanation has been given on the reasons for not acknowledging it. The report also said that after the devastating floods in 2018 also, Kerala had received inadequate aid in the Centre leading to accusations of political vendetta by the BJP against the Left-ruled state government. Is Climate Change Making Floods an Annual Affair in Kerala? The report said the high level committee which chose on the additional central support, that would go to the states from the National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF), marked different levels for each of the seven nations.

The highest outgo will be of Rs 1,869.85 crore to Karnataka, followed by Rs 1,749.73 crore to Madhya Pradesh, Rs 956.93 crore to Maharashtra, Rs 616.63 will be awarded to Assam, Rs 367.17 crore to Uttar Pradesh, Rs 284.93 crore to Himachal Pradesh and Rs 63.32 to Tripura. These state cloudburst during the 2019 southwest monsoon or had suffered on account of flooding or landslides.

As is visible from the data, a majority of this aid has gone to countries ruled by the BJP, either singularly or in alliance, with Karnataka being the biggest beneficiary. Lately, during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the state, Karnataka chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa had repeatedly sought aid for the nation saying it suffered both because of floods and drought.

‘During heavy rains and floods in the state, 600-700 villages were flooded, around three lakh houses were destroyed, roads and bridges were damaged. We incurred a loss of over Rs 30,000 crore. I had requested him three-four times.

However, the aid hasn’t come yet. I ask the Prime Minister to discharge these grants,’ Yediyurappa was quoted as saying. Meanwhile, former Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah had in a series of tweets criticised Modi for his’delayed’ trip to the state, which he said had suffered due to several natural calamities. He also tweeted:’You did not see Karnataka when it was devastated by floods.

You didn’t see Ktaka when our farmers cried for help. But all of a sudden, when you need to start your political propaganda, you remember innocent ppl of Ktaka. Wah Modi Wah!!’ He also stated that the state hasn’t received sufficient flood relief aid.

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J&K Police vehicle crushes 16-year-old to death, clashes break out in the Nowgam of Srinagar

J&K Police vehicle crushes 16-year-old to death, clashes break out in the Nowgam of Srinagar

Srinagar: Enormous clashes erupted in the Nowgam area of Srinagar Tuesday after a 16-year-old boy was crushed to death by a car used by the Jammu and Kashmir Police’s Armed Battalion while to tuition classes on his way.

The boy was identified as Tehseen Nazir, a student of Candid Public School. Ahmed described Tehseen as’the light of his eyes’ that had been brutally snatched away from him.

The incident took place. People angered by the accident as well as the authorities not returning the body of the deceased youth set up barricades to block the street and engaged the police in clashes that continued throughout the day.

The clashes resulted in injuries to four people, including a girl, who had been admitted to a hospital for treatment. Hospital police told ThePrint the injured included a shopkeeper named Mohammad Yousuf, who was wounded after a tear gas shell pierced through his thigh.

Police statement

The J&K Police issued a statement, calling the death of Tehseen an collision.

‘when collided The road traffic accident occurred, and two individuals sustained injuries. The injured persons were shifted to hospital for treatment of injuries; however, one of those injured persons, identified as Tehseen Nazir of Nowgam, succumbed while the other person injured continues to get treatment in the hospital and is stated to be stable,’ it said.

Officials added that an FIR has been filed and an investigation has begun.

Meanwhile, residents alleged that the authorities, soon took the boy’s body with them and chased away audiences . The mother of tehseen, also, was allegedly beaten up, the family claimed.

Residents showed window panes of the homes, accusing the police force of participating in’brute and excessive force’.

Family inconsolable

For the family of Tehseen, however, an inquiry into the matter seems to be of value. The inconsolable family was still awaiting the body of Tehseen Tuesday noon when ThePrint visited.

‘I was going to work when I heard that a death had taken place nearby. At that time, I didn’t know my son was killed. I saw crowds gathering at the spot, but I passed them and walked towards my school. I was called by someone on my mobile phone later. He told me that a boy was killed in an accident and that his bag was lying on the street side,’ Ahmed said.

‘They had found a notebook in the bag where they found out who’d been murdered and that’s. The laptop had a name written. Tehseen Nazir,’ Ahmed said, breaking down.

Wife and his daughter weren’t able to talk when ThePrint visited the family. They have snatched him. His small body bruised and crushed, lying on the street side. Alone and how chilly must he have felt in his last moments. My heart broke into a million pieces,’ Ahmed added.

A woman relative of the family who lives nearby and did not want to be named claimed damage had been caused by the police .

‘They entered our homes breaking everything in their way and killed an innocent boy. We do not have arms or stones Allah’s justice. I hope that those responsible for the death meet justice,’ she said.

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Hindu Raksha Dal took the responsibility of JNU violence

Hindu Raksha Dal took the responsibility of JNU violence

New Delhi: Social media was flooded Tuesday evening with photos of celebrity Deepika Padukone standing in the audience gathered for a protest match at the Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi. Padukone was spotted standing behind Aishe Ghosh, the student body president, who was injured in Sunday’s masked mob attack.

The fundamental university was in the news Sunday following an attack . Teachers and students have alleged these attackers belonged to the Right-wing ABVP, while it’s alleged that the left pupil organisations were behind it.

Padukone left without addressing the audience, and her decision prompted Ghosh to remark,’you should speak up, when you’re in a position’, according to news agency PTI.

On Monday, the 34-year-old actor told a news station that she feels proud that people raised their voice in reference to the protests from the Citizenship Act that was amended and have come out, the National Register of violence and Citizens .

‘I feel proud to see that we aren’t afraid to express ourselves… I think that the fact that we are thinking about the country and its potential…. Whatever may be our viewpoint, it’s wonderful to see,’ she told NDTV India.

‘I’m proud about it that people are coming out ⁠– be it on the streets or where they are ⁠– because it’s important they are increasing their voice and expressing themselves. It is necessary that a point of view be put forward, if we want to see change in society and life,’ she added.

The actor is in the capital to promote her upcoming film Chhapaak, led by Meghna Gulzar, which releases.

As news of the visit spread of Padukone, people on Twitter began splitting with a few commending others and her criticising her. The hashtag #BoycottChhapaak also gained traction.

As many as 34 people were injured, with several, including Ghosh, sustaining head injuries and fractures. Ghosh alleged that the campus security was in a nexus with the attackers, and she was targeted. The authorities, who were outside the campus at the time of the attack, came under criticism for entering JNU much later.

According the authorities waited to enter the campus, citing the Jamia Millia Islamia controversy a couple weeks before.

In a report to the Ministry of Human Resource Development, JNU administration said Sunday’s violence was the result of a scuffle between two groups of students during a meeting organised by the JNU Teachers’ Association — a claim denied by both teachers and students.

Earlier Tuesday, the Hindu Raksha Dal, a fringe right-wing group, took responsibility for the attack in a video posted on media.

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CES series: toilet paper robots, Flying taxis and much more

CES series: toilet paper robots, Flying taxis and much more

Flying taxis when you are stranded on the loo and a robot which can fetch toilet paper were one of the technology showcased at the CES gadget show in Las Vegas.

The annual technology conference is the place for big brands and startups alike to unveil their services and products for the coming year, though larger companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft typically maintain their own announcement events.

Surveillance technologies and streaming services are among the topics that are hot. The show opens Tuesday after two days of press previews. Here are a few highlights:

Hyundai and uber are currently teaming up to create a fleet of taxis that are flying.

Uber says make such vehicles commercially available and it needs to conduct flight demonstrations.

The goal is eventually within cities and to assist riders breeze over traffic in shared air taxis between cities and suburbs. Uber plans to launch the aircraft in Los Angeles, Dallas and Melbourne, Australia. The air taxis, which seem like a cross between a helicopter and a small airplane, will be all-electric.

The air fares are designed to take off and cruise at speeds up to 180 miles per hour (290 kilometres per hour). They’re designed to fly up to 60 miles (97 kilometres) at a time.

While Uber has been working on the air taxi concept for years, Hyundai brings to the job a company with expertise manufacturing cars on a scale.

The firms said while Uber provides airspace support services and connections to ground transportation Hyundai deploy and will create the vehicles. The aircraft will be allowed to operate as part of Uber’s transportation network, although the air taxis will not be owned by uber.

Charmin wants to fix a feeling.

Its solution: a robot which could fetch a roll. The robot, around tall, has toilet paper — and the face of a bear-like the cartoon ones in the commercials of Charmin.

But do not expect it to roll into your toilet. The company that owns Charmin, procter & Gamble, said the robot was just and won’t be available a good example of what is possible.

‘Car companies have concept cars, but P&G has concept baths,’ said Marc Pritchard, who oversees Procter & Gamble’s brands. The company didn’t have a robot available at a press conference Sunday, though executives say when the show floor opens 28, one will be demonstrated.

New sensors promise to stop water leaks before they destroy your home.

Monitors from Alarm.com and Flo Technologies connect to homes’ water lines and track usage. If the systems feel more water than normal is flowing through the pipes, an alert is sent by them during their programs it could be a long shower. But if something seems off-kilter, the monitors will shut off the water.

Flo used CES to launch its newest sensor, when attached to washers, bathrooms or other leak-prone places a device that looks like a smoke alarm and can detect any moisture or water. Each sensor costs $50. Another option, Phyn, makes a $299 device that hooks up to the pipes under a sink and measures changes in water pressure.

What are your grandparents up to? Startups are pitching a way to keep your eye on the older. The new sensors can tell by and eaten — for example, if a loved one has moved around detecting when the refrigerator is opened. The efforts come as the U.S. government anticipates adults over 65 to outnumber children for the first time by 2034. ‘we would like to enable loved ones to live on their own,’ said founder of Caregiver Smart Solutions, Ryan Herd.

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Bipolar disorder: treatment options and Know the symptoms

Bipolar disorder: treatment options and Know the symptoms

Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition. Sometimes, you might be on a high. It’s also sometimes called manic depression. It is a pattern that is easy to recognize. But sometimes, it does not follow the routine that is standard, and this can be confusing. Mania may not be noticed, and low intervals may be confused with depression. Substance abuse by a patient may also make it difficult for a doctor to make a diagnosis. According to surveys by renowned organisations, a depression diagnosis might actually be a bipolar condition.

Symptoms of bipolar

Once the patient is in their teens, this disorder may make an appearance. This is a dangerous time and the effect is more severe than in adults. Teen suicide rates are often because of this disease. Butthis condition is often overlooked in teens. There is no treatment and for that reason not any diagnosis.

As a parent or caregiver, you need to be alert to some of the following symptoms. Know that menopausal symptoms may be quite different in teenagers. Plus issues like substance abuse and ADHD, anxiety disorders make things worse. Be alert to symptoms of aggression and anger. On the other hand, be leery of acts of grandiosity and overconfidence. Regular sadness easy tearfulness , impulsive behavior, moodiness, confusion and lack of attention are symptoms. Sleeplessness may be also exhibited by the patient.

Treatment Choices

This condition is incurable and a physician will have the ability to decrease the severity of symptoms with the appropriate medications. A bipolar patient can lead a relatively normal and productive life if she or he experiences the treatment procedure that is right. Most therapy procedures are a combination of physical and psychological interventions and drugs. A doctor can prescribe anti-psychotics and anti-convulsants to control the symptoms. It is only in severe cases that hospitalistion may be required. However, this is often the last resort employed by physicians. In most cases, medication and treatment are enough to keep symptoms in check.

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Bench headed to hear issue of women’s entry in Sabarimala temple

Bench headed to hear issue of women’s entry in Sabarimala temple

The nine-judge bench was set up following a five-judge bench headed by then CJI Ranjan Gogoi, by a 3:2 majority verdict, referred the issue to a seven-judge bench while analyzing the review petition filed against the historical September 28, 2018 decision that had enabled women of all ages to enter Sabarimala temple.

Besdies Justice Gogoi, Justices A M Khanwilkar and Indu Malhotra (the lone woman judge on the bench) were in majority while Justices R F Nariman and D Y Chandrachud had penned a minority verdict on November 14, 2019.

On the nine-judge bench, which will hear the matter from January 13, there are no judges from the previous benches.

The top court had on Monday issued a notice informing about listing of the request filed by Indian Young Lawyers Association seeking review of this 2018 conclusion.

However, the names of the judges were declared.

While referring the issue to a larger bench, the five-judge chair had nevertheless said that the debate concerning the constitutional validity of spiritual practices like bar on entry of women and girls into a place of worship was not restricted to the Sabarimala case.

The top court said these limitations are there with respect to entry of Muslim women into mosques and’dargahs’ and Parsi women, married to non-Parsi men, being barred from the holy fire place of an Agyari. It said it was time for the apex court to evolve a policy to perform’complete and substantial justice’.

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Assam student bodies threaten ‘massive agitation’ if PM Modi visits say

Assam student bodies threaten ‘massive agitation’ if PM Modi visits say

New Delhi: Amid the continuing protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, the All Assam Students’ Union (AASU) and the North East Students’ Organisation (NESO) have said they will stage a’massive agitation’ if Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits the nation.

‘We will stage a huge agitation if PM Modi visits Assam today, after reducing our ethnicity and treating us like second-class citizens,’ AASU chief adviser Samujjal Bhattacharya said in New Delhi Tuesday. The threat comes before the Khelo India Youth Games 2020 that Assam is set to host, along with Maharashtra, from 10-22 January.

The PM may inaugurate the sporting event after Khelo India CEO Avinash Joshi sent him an invite; however, officials are awaiting confirmation from the PMO.

AASU had also said earlier that it would launch protests if Modi visited Guwahati to inaugurate the matches.

Addressing the press in Delhi Tuesday, Bhattacharya reiterated,’We’re more than pleased (that Assam is hosting Khelo India), and we welcome the sportspersons who will come to Assam to engage. But we will stage large protests if PM Modi comes to Assam.’

The first edition of this sporting event was inaugurated by the PM in New Delhi in 2018.

Modi was in Assam last month to participate in the annual India-Japan summit, where he was scheduled to host counterpart Shinzo Abe on 15 December. The Japan PM, however, cancelled his trip after the violent protests in Guwahati against the new citizenship legislation.

Two-day protest march from Wednesday

Bhattacharya, who is also an advisor to NESO, said the students’ organisation would also hold a two-day protest march with black flags across public places and educational institutions from Wednesday, to send across a message to the government that Assam will ‘never accept’ the new citizenship legislation.

He said constant illegal immigration in the Northeast over the years has resulted in internal disturbances from’elements of outside aggression’. ‘By violating the Assam Accord, Modi and Amit Shah have now isolated the Northeastern region and are responsible for playing our’Indianness’,’ he said.

NESO president Samuel Jyrwa, who was also present at the press conference, said the Modi government was only using the people of the Northeast for vote bank politics, which has’crippled both states politically and economically’.

‘Northeast has become a guinea pig for the political harvest of this BJP government,’ he said.

The Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019, exempts areas below the Inner Line Permit system and Sixth Schedule from the purview of this Act.

The student bodies expressed disappointment over the execution of ILP and 6th Program only in specific areas of Northeast.

‘In Tripura, the inhabitants fabric has changed so much over the years due to illegal immigration the native Tripuri community only represents 30 per cent of the entire nation’s population. We do not need Assam to be another Tripura,’ the NESO president included. Assam and Tripura, which share the border with Bangladesh in the region, don’t have the ILP system in place.

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Aspirin and bowel cancer risk that was reduced linked; Here are ways to prevent the disease

Aspirin and bowel cancer risk that was reduced linked; Here are ways to prevent the disease

A study has revealed that aspirin can help reduce tumour growth and inhibit the recurrence of bowel cancer. This finding may lead to new preventive therapies for the disease that is malignant.

Researchers form City of Hope — a private, not-for-profit clinical research centre in the US — state that aspirin has the capability to prevent diseases that result from chronic inflammation, such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and arthritis.

They are now searching for the right amount of daily aspirin needed to treat and prevent colorectal cancer to prevent causing unwanted side effects. Too much of aspirin may lead to gastrointestinal and other problems.

Reducing and identifying the lifestyle risk factors can help reduce the risk of bowel cancer. Additionally, it is important to take regular bowel screening since it can develop without any early warning signs. Here are ways.

Eat high-fibre diet

Eating meals prevent bowel cancer and can help you stay away from problems like constipation and inflammation of the gut wall. Studies have already shown the benefits of eating food. You can get fibre from fruit, vegetables and wholegrain foods.

Scientists have found that exercise can reduce the risk of polyps and bowel cancer. A sedentary lifestyle, on the other hand, can raise the risk. Spare at least 30 minutes daily and engage in moderate to vigorous activity.

Cut on processed and red meat intake

Especially processed meat, consumption of red meat, has been shown to increase risk of bowel cancer. Preventing such food may be good for your bowel health.

Quit smoking

After learning this, you may quit smoking. They are also to die from the illness.

Manage your weight

Abdominal obesity (or belly fat) has been linked to bowel cancer, especially in men. To keep bowel cancer you need to keep a healthy body weight. It can also help reduce risk including heart disease and diabetes.

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App Store Spending Up 17% In 2019, Reach $83 Billion Worldwide

App Store Spending Up 17% In 2019, Reach $83 Billion Worldwide

In 2019, cellular users spent an estimated $83.5 billion worldwide in programs and mobile games across App Store and Google Playup 17 per cent from 2018, Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data shows. Increment in consumer spending in programs reflected the earnings from purchases, subscriptions, and superior apps .

On the App Store, user spending reach highest-ever $54.2 billion for 2019, leading to an increase of 16.3 percent . The earnings has been 85 percent greater than what users Play during the exact same period.

But Google Play’s revenue grew 18.1 percent year-over-year.

Entertainment apps generated the most earnings on App Store at $3.9 billion, up 18.5 per cent over 2018. Meanwhile, on Google Play, social media category earned the most (almost $686 million invested ), recording 32.4 percent year-over-year growth.

Sensor Tower estimates $61.7 billion has been spent in mobile games across both stores in 2019, which was 12.8 percent more than 2018’s total of $54.7 billion. This was 74 per cent of all spending for 2019.

“Mobile gaming’s share of earnings across both shops stood at 82 percent in 2017, with its diminishing cut reflecting the strides made in the monetization of non-game apps, especially through recurring subscriptions, over the past two decades. Games represented 68 percent of iOS revenue and 84 percent of Google Play spending,” Sensor Tower stated in its report.

Spending in games on the App Store reached $37 billion last year, up 11.4 per cent year-over-year from $33.2 billion. Game spending Google Play, which grew 15 perc ent year-over-uear to $24.7 billion has been led by Lineage M from NCSOFT.

PUBG Mobile from Tencent generated more than $148 million in user spending last year, representing 4-times growth.

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