Want to control your diabetes? Add mushrooms to your diet

Want to control your diabetes? Add mushrooms to your diet

You have to watch what you eat In case you have diabetes. There are many things that you need to avoid to keep your glucose levels. Sometimes, this means that you have to give up your favourite foods too. It is very important to follow a healthy diet if you have this condition. Mushrooms are. The best thing about this food item is that you can eat them roasted or raw. You may do a grill or simply sauté them.

According to a research at Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences, eating white button mushrooms may create changes in the community. They are optimistic that this would pave the way for prevention strategies and new treatments for people. Pre-diabetes and diabetes are behind ailments including stroke and heart disease. The Journal of Functional Foods published this study.

Let us see how mushrooms can help you control your glucose levels.

Anti-diabetic properties of mushrooms

Mushrooms are nutritious and include a range of health benefits. They have a very low content of sugar and carbohydrates. This food contain almost zero calories. They’re a rich source of Vitamins B2 and B3, selenium and phosphorus. Mushrooms also have a Glycaemic Load of less than 1 per cup and a low Glycaemic Index of 10-15. This means if this food is consumed by you, you won’t experience a sugar spike. Many researchers say that regular consumption of mushrooms can offer protection against gestational diabetes.

Mushrooms keep your meals interesting and can add variety to a diet that is diabetic. They are available in many varieties and you can pick from button or white mushroom, shiitake, portobello and oyster mushrooms. This food item contains polysaccharides, which is known to lower blood glucose levels and improve insulin resistance.

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